Celebrant wedding: Personal and unique experience

As a wedding guest attending a celebrant-led wedding for the first time I went on from knowing nothing about it to being impressed by the whole idea.

I and my husband were getting ready for friends’ wedding where my husband was going to be the best man but unlike the other weddings we’ve attended before we didn’t know much what was going to happen. The magic word was that the wedding was going to be led by a celebrant. I went to the ceremony without any idea what kind of a wedding it was going to be. In fact, I had more questions than answers about the whole thing. I imagined it to be very formal and without a character. In reality, it was one of the warmest weddings we’ve ever been to. It had a personal touch and was full of tears and laughter.

When the ceremony, that was taking place in a hotel, had begun Gwen, the celebrant, asked everyone to rise as we welcomed the bride being taken down the aisle by her father, to the sounds of Ethiopian music. From the beginning, atmosphere was relaxed despite the fact the wedding started later than planned. To relax everyone even more Gwen encouraged families and the guest to give a round of applause for the beautiful bride.

During the ceremony we heard the story of our friends’ relationship. It was told like Gwen knew them for a long time and it gripped everyone’s heart. In their vows the bride and the groom included important for them faith element. It was all so beautiful, not just because it was friends getting married but because it was all done in such a gentle and personal manner. Unlike what I had thought before the wedding it wasn’t stiff, it wasn’t official but it was a great testimony to the couple’s love and commitment. And it was genuine. There was something about that ceremony that doesn’t allow me to bury it in my memory too deep.

Attending this kind of wedding for the first time, I went on from not knowing anything about it to marvelling at the idea. It is the creativity and flexibility that couple has in planning their special day that convinced me but also Gwen’s approach towards the ceremony and how special it is because of being tailored only for these people.

I am not planning to get married again myself but if someone will be and I’ll have a chance to advise them, I’ll convince them to consider celebrant’s wedding.