Adoption Celebration

Adoption Celebrant in London

An adoption celebration ceremony is a way to celebrate the unity of family. Adoption is a different way of becoming a parent and many of the rituals such as baptism, christening and naming ceremonies, which a biological parent may participate in, are missing from adoptive parenthood. Several factors make these rituals more difficult for adopting parents. An adoption celebration ceremony is an unique way to welcome your child officially, into your family, after adoption has been legalised by the courts. The adoption  celebration ceremony can include a naming ceremony as well. As part of the adoption party celebration  we could also use a candles and water, as a way of representing the unity of the family.

I have sat on Adoption Panel for over 10 years and understand how difficult the process is for adoptive parents. With my experience and insight, I would co-create with you, something meaningful for your family that would honour your commitment in a way that includes everyone who will be a part of your child’s life.

“If enough people are touched and imbued with a spirit of caring we could change the whole landscape of how children are treated. It is my deepest conviction that children should be seen and heard as our most treasured asset. They are not ours to be used and abused, but to be loved and nurtured to engage life to the full extent of their being, free from fear”. Nelson Mandela.

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